Take a look at our 'Wall of Fame' - you may recognise some familiar faces!

Kev & Alexander O'Neal

Eban Brown (former Lead Vocalist of The Stylistics) with Kev

KayJay, Errol Reid & Romina Johnson

Rob Hallet (Robomagic) & KayJay

Ben (Phats & Small) & KayJay

Paul Kennedy & KayJay

Robert 'Skins' Anderson & KayJay

Alexander O'Neal & Kev

Kev with Aswad at Under The Bridge

Odyssey & The Three Degrees

Kenny Thomas & Kev

Kevin & Alexander O'Neal

Beverley Knight & KayJay

KayJay & Andrew Levy (Brand New Heavies)

KayJay & Don-E

Heather Small, George McCrae & KayJay

KayJay & Heather Small (M-People)

George McCrae & KayKay

Mi-Soul DJ James Anthony & Kev

DJ Fat Freddy & Kev

Basement Jaxx (Felix & Simon) with Kev

Kev & Aswad

Kevin & Toploader

Odyssey & New Jersey Connection, Paris

KayJay & Nat Augustin (Light Of The World)

Kev & Frank Burke (Heatwave, Second Image)

Kev and Dean Mark (Bass)

Kev & Leon Mead (Drums)

Odyssey & Whigfield (Sannie Pop)

KayJay, Eban Brown (former lead vocalist of The Stylistics) & Michelle John

KayJay & Rob Harris (Jamiroquai Guitarist)

Kevin soundchecking with Aswad at the Jazz Cafe, 2019

Tony Gadd, Aswad & Kev

Kev & Drummie Zeb, Aswad

Kevin & Alexander O'Neal at the Jazz Cafe, 2019

Kev with Lemar & Backing Vocalists, Darren & John, 2019

KayJay with Odyssey and Maizie Williams, Gee Morris Osborne & Karl King (Boney M)

KayJay with Odyssey and Maizie Williams & Karl King (Boney M), 2018

Kevin & Tony Blackburn

Robert 'Skins' Anderson & KayJay

Janet Ramus (aka Cookie) & KayJay

Meesh, Michael Brown & KayJay

Michael Brown & KayJay

Kevin & Billy Ocean

KayJay, George Correia & Rochelle Fleming 'The Voice From First Choice', New Jersey 2018

Natasha Watts & KayJay, Zero Radio Party, 2018

KayJay & Jamie Little, Jane & Friends TV Show, BBC Media City, 2018

KayJay, Meesh & The Gypsy Kings, Rewind Festival 2018

Meesh, Jackie & Tito Jackson & KayJay, New Jersey, USA 2018

Meesh, Marlon Jackson & KayJay, New Jersey, USA 2018

Kevin & Carl McIntosh, Loose Ends

Jesse Johnson & Kevin


Michelle John, Steven Collazo & KayJay


Michael Gordon, Nathan Watson aka Decosta Boyce, Roy Carter, Kevin Sutherland, David Lee Andrews & Fletcher Smith

40 Years of Disco Tour
40 Years of Disco Tour

Odyssey, Sister Sledge, Boney M & George McCrae

Meesh, Debbie Sledge & KayJay, 40 Years Of Disco Tour, 2018

Odyssey, Sister Sledge & Tavares - 40 Years Of Disco Tour 2017

KayJay & Debbie Sledge, 40 Years Of Disco Tour 2017

Heatwave, Boogie Nights Tour 2018

Jeffrey Daniels (Shalamar) & Kev