Behind The Groove podcast is the brainchild of KayJay who aims to raising awareness of the unsung heroes of the music industry; the session musicians and singers, producers, DJ's and creative entrepreneurs behind the scenes.

In KayJay's experience most of these people don't get an opportunity to talk about their own projects and she wants to raise awareness of the huge collaborative efforts that go into creating music.  in a business controlled by major labels, so many self-funded, DIY Artist are the ones often overlooked and unrecognised by the mainstream in favour of conveyor-belt, manufactured music.

Behind The Groove aims to give such talent a platform to share their story, give invaluable insights and advice, so more discerning folk can explore a whole new world of music, entrepreneurialism and creativity... 

KayJay & guests discuss the highs and lows of working in one of the toughest businesses in the world...

There certainly is no business like show business...

Stay tuned.  #BTGPodcast #BehindTheGroove

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